Wi-Fi Good Enough for a Smart Home?

A smart home can’t be “smart” without the Internet. The Internet powers smart homes, and without a strong Wi-Fi connection, your home automation products won’t be able to live up to their full potential. Before investing in smart devices, it’s important to make sure your Wi-Fi connection is up for the task. 

How to Prepare Your Wi-Fi for Home Automation

  1. Check your current Internet service. You’d be surprised at how many households are paying entirely too much for relatively slow Internet service. Look at your account, see what you are currently paying for and compare it to other plans on your provider’s website. Chances are, they won’t reach out to you offering a cheaper, faster plan. 
  2. Check your router and modem. Newer routers and modems can handle a much larger volume of connected devices. Once you connect home automation products — on top of computers, tablets, smartphones, smart televisions, etc. — bandwidth will run out quickly on outdated setups. If you want the most out of your smart home, update your equipment.
  3. Check the location of your router. Make sure your router is not located in an enclosed or partially blocked area. It should be out in the open, in a central location and not surrounded by too many objects. Interference results in a much weaker signal. 
  4. Switch some devices to wired connections. Wired devices use slightly less bandwidth than Wi-Fi-enabled devices. So, if reduced bandwidth is still a problem, consider moving a few devices to a wired connection. 

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