Save Energy with Smart Home Devices

Saving money on your energy bill used to only consist of doing things like sealing air leaks, improving insulation and turning the thermostat up or down. While those all still help, certain smart home devices can now save homeowners even more money on their energy bills. From smart thermostats to automated window treatments, these are just some of the energy-conserving devices to incorporate into your smart home.

Conserving Energy with Smart Home Technology

  • Smart Thermostats. Smart thermostats are easily programmable and can be adjusted to fit your specific lifestyle and preferences. They can also be set remotely from a smartphone. This avoids unnecessary energy wastage, while you are at work or on vacation for an extended period of time. They can also alert you to certain heating/cooling problems.
  • Automated Window Shades. Smart window shades can be lowered or raised at part of a scene automation programmed to react with the temperature, time of day, etc. This can ultimately conserve energy and improve your overall comfort.
  • Smart Lighting. Smart lighting controls and dimmers maximize energy savings, especially when paired with energy-efficient LED bulbs. They can be programmed to turn off, turn on or dim at certain times of the day.
  • Smart Outlets. Smart outlets can cut down on your energy usage by allowing you to control devices that continue to use energy, even when not in use.

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