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Smart outlets and wall switches work just like standard outlets and switches, except they can also be controlled through voice commands and/or a connected app. They can be wired in place of any standard outlet, creating a simple way to make your home even smarter.

These smart devices easily connect to your home WiFi through a phone app. These outlets and switches can then be integrated with Alexa and given a unique name. This allows all of your connected devices to work together to create a smarter and more efficient home.

Any Device Becomes a Smart Device with Smart Outlets

Smart outlets essentially turn any plugged-in device into a smart device. Wired in place of traditional wall outlets, smart outlets give you the ability to control those plugged-in devices manually or through a programmed schedule.

Smart outlets can be used alone or as part of a bigger scene automation. For example, a coffee maker plugged into an outlet can be scheduled to turn on when your “good morning” scene begins. These smart plug-ins can also be programmed to alert you when a device has been left on for too long. Gone are the days of wondering whether you turned off that hair straightener or curling iron. Plus, on top of the convenience, smart outlets may also cut down on your energy usage by detecting devices that continue to use energy, even when not in use.

Control Your Lights with Smart Switches

Like smart wall outlets, smart wall switches can be wired in place of traditional switches. They can be controlled both singularly or in groups through voice commands or an app. Both dimmable and non-dimmable smart switches are available and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Smart switches are ideal for creating scenes. You can even program them to mimic normal activity, while you are away from home. On a simpler scale, turn off your bedroom lights remotely by saying, “Alexa, turn off the lights in the bedroom.”

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