Smart Home Controlled with Voice Graphic

Almost everything in your home — including thermostats, lights fixtures, garage doors, door locks and more — can be remotely controlled with a smartphone or smart speaker. Voice-controlled speakers, such as Amazon Echo, allow you to easily control nearly every aspect of your home through voice-controlled assistants, like Amazon Alexa. However, many individuals find the initial setup a bit overwhelming. Here are some tips to follow when connecting Amazon Alexa to your smart home devices.

Tips for Connecting Alexa to Your Smart Devices with Voice Commands

  1. Control your smart light bulbs or switches. First enable a “skill” on the Alexa app for the smart bulbs or switches (Menu>Skills and follow instructions). Then, ask Alexa to discover new devices. Once set up, commands, such as, “Alexa, turn on the lights” and “Alexa, dim the lights in living room”, can be used to control virtually all lights in your home.
  2. Control the temperature in your home. Again, start by enabling the skill and discovering the smart thermostat. Once your smart thermostat and Alexa are paired, you can ask your voice-controlled assistant anything from, “Alexa, what’s the temperature in my home?” to “Alexa, decrease the (thermostat name) by _ degrees.”
  3. Enhance your smart security cameras. Following the steps in the previous tips, you can connect Alexa with your home security cameras. If you own an Echo Spot or Fire Stick, you can watch a live feed of your home without picking up your smartphone. Simply say, “Alexa, show (camera name)” or “Alexa, hide (camera name)”, to activate and deactivate the stream.

Of course, Amazon Alexa can also be used to play music, answer questions, make calls, provide sports scores, tell the weather and much more all with simple voice commands. For more information on integrating voice commands with your smart home through a smart-home hub and hands-free speaker, contact us today!