Smartphone Opening a Garage Door

Smart garage door opener controllers are innovative and easy-to-install systems capable of making homes more convenient, safe and secure. These simple products work in tandem with existing automatic garage doors to enable you to control your garage door from virtually anywhere through a smartphone or computer.

Over 70 percent of American homeowners use their garages as the main point of entry to their homes. Because of this, smart garage door opener controllers serve as excellent access and security tools for a wide variety of scenarios. Read on to learn about the three main benefits of the GoControl Linear Z-Wave smart garage door opener controller.

Top Reasons to Install a Smart Garage Door Opener Controller

  • Enhanced Security. These simple devices allow you to open and close your garage door from virtually anywhere. You will never again leave home in a hurry and wonder whether you forgot to shut your garage door. Furthermore, you can program scenes to ensure your garage door opens and shuts at certain times of the day. If your garage door is left open for too long or remains open after bed or you leave for work, you can opt to receive a notification on your smartphone.
  • Provide Limited Entry. Open your garage door remotely for secure package delivery or for specific visitors to your home. Close it again when needed.
  • Automation with Other Smart Devices. Connect other smart products to your smart garage door opener controller. Set them to work together and turn on or off when your garage door is opened or closed. You can also set specific scenes for mornings, nights, etc.

Smart garage door opener controller are easy-to-install and easy-to-use devices capable of making your home safer and more convenient. Contact us today to get started.