Smart Outdoor Security and Monitoring Cameras

Installing outdoor security cameras and/or doorbell cameras is now a simple and affordable way to secure your home and provide greater peace of mind for you and your family. Outdoor monitoring cameras provide a range of security and convenience benefits for both when you are home and away. The UltraSync System can even integrate these convenient devices to your home automation and security system for a low initial cost and no monitoring fees. Read on to learn about the top benefits of outdoor monitoring cameras.

Security and Safety Benefits of Outdoor Monitoring Cameras

  • Deter thieves. Thieves often canvas homes to see what homes in an area provide the best opportunities to carry out successful burglaries. A visible doorbell camera or security camera can convince those thieves to move on.
  • Screen visitors. Doorbell cameras allow you to safely ignore solicitors or unknown visitors, without missing an important delivery or visit. You no longer have to stop working or spending time with family to see who is at the front door.
  • Receive alerts whenever someone is on your property. Some outdoor monitoring cameras will send an alert directly to your smartphone when a person is detected on your property. This allows you to take immediate action or to use the captured footage as evidence of a crime.
  • Watch over pool areas. Just like number three, you can program security cameras to alert you whenever movement is detected around a pool area. This allows you to take immediate action and prevent an accidental drowning.
  • Monitor children. Doorbell and security cameras allow you to monitor when your children come home and if they have any visitors.

Outdoor monitoring cameras are a convenient and affordable way to protect your family and provide increased peace of mind. Contact us today to see how these devices can help protect you.