Smart Water Sensors Detect Leaks

Record rainfall and flooding recently swept through Des Moines and other parts of Central Iowa, destroying countless belongings and flooding basements and homes throughout the city. Sump pumps failed, as power outages darkened unprepared neighborhoods. While the severity of the rainfall did cause unavoidable damage, some assets could have been saved with a little forewarning.

Smart Water Sensors Detect Moisture Before It’s Too Late

Smart water sensors are some of the latest smart home products gaining massive popularity. They provide a sense of comfort and are easy to use. These simple devices are placed on the floor of easily accessible, yet vulnerable, areas — such as basements, laundry rooms and kitchens — and programmed directly from a smartphone. These sensors alert the homeowner of moisture or extreme temperatures in any given area.

If you have personally experienced the nightmare of water damage from faulty appliances, frozen pipes, leaks or major rainfall, you are well aware of how expensive and time-consuming the clean-up process can be. Smart water sensors provide rapid notification of leaks for quick response and damage control. Additionally, you can place as many smart water sensors around your home as needed for maximum peace of mind.

While some leaks occur quickly, most are slow and subtle. Many inconveniently occur when the homeowner is away. Instead of coming home to a mess, these water sensors allow you to quickly alert neighbors, friends or family members of the problem occurring in your home. They also alert you to failed sump pumps, allowing you to save items not covered by typical homeowners insurance. Plus, one avoided leak will more than make up for the cost of the sensor.

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