Scene Automation in a Smart Bedroom

If you aren’t using scenes automations in your smart home, you are truly missing out on the full potential of your smart products. The possibilities are virtually endless, once you start combining certain actions and creating “scenes” throughout your home. Instead of having to individually control each smart product, you can set up a group of actions for certain scenarios. This is when smart home technology is undoubtedly at its most impressive.

Different Scene Automations for Various Smart Home Scenarios

Scene automations can be as simple or complex as you like. They are used to create a unique set of events relevant to your home and lifestyle. For example, a scene automation can be as simple as setting up your outside lights to turn on and off automatically according to a sunset table. A complex scene automation might include making your home look occupied when you are away. Interior lights can be set to turn on and off according to your normal schedule, and shades can be set to open and shut throughout the day.

Let your creativity run wild. Here are a few other examples of scene automations you can create in your smart home:

  • Create a “good night” scene. This automation might include turning off all the interior lights, locking the doors, adjusting the thermostat to a lower temperature and closing the shades.
  • Create a “movie night” scene. This automation creates the perfect theater-room ambiance. It might include lowering the temperature, turning off the theater-room lights, lowering the shades and turning on the television or projector. With a smart outlet, you might even be able to automatically start popping popcorn!
  • Create a party scene. This automation literally sets the scene for your future gatherings and parties. Use it to create mood lighting and to automatically play a certain playlist.

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